Why Hire A Professional Painter?


Why Hiring a Professional Painter is a Great Decision

Do you have a room in your home that is needing a facelift? Or does your exterior need some TLC? Maybe you have considered tackling your next painting project yourself, but have you really thought this through? Many people think they will save some money doing their own painting, but in reality they end up being disappointed in the final result. Read on to find out why hiring professional painters is the best decision you can make for your home!


Anyone can attempt a paint job, but few can successfully complete it. Painting takes skill, patience, and a knowledge of how the paint will perform. Some common mistakes that are made by DIY painters include costly spills on rugs and carpets, painting onto wood trim or other details that shouldn’t be painted, and not being able to get a clean, straight line between walls and ceilings. These little nuances are actually the things you notice the most, and can make your paint job look unprofessional. When you use Rent Painters you know you are getting skilled painters who will deliver great results. How complicated can painting be? The answer is, surprisingly, very complicated. Rent Painters can make your home look beautiful without any of the mistakes commonly made by amateurs.


One way that our professional painters get those great results is with painstaking preparatory work. Preparing surfaces to be painted is incredibly important in getting long lasting, beautiful results. Washing walls or power washing the exterior, scraping, sanding, and filling in holes or repairing damage are all necessary before the actual painting process begins. Add to that taping off windows and doors and protecting carpets, landscaping or sidewalks and you can see how painting is a much bigger job than it seems! The preparation ensures that the paint will stick to the surfaces and won’t peel or chip prematurely. Preparation also gets the surface to be painted in the best condition possible so that your new paint job can really shine! A skilled professional painter knows how important preparation is, and has the experience to know that preparation is the only way to ensure a great end result.


Speaking of experience, it’s important! You wouldn’t want to change the engine in your car without knowing a few auto repair basics, and you shouldn’t attempt to paint your house without painting skills. Experience allows professional painters to move quickly, cut in at trim, windows, and ceilings, and know how many coats to use. Experience delivers a paint job that looks great, in all light, and even up close! We take pride in our painter’s experience, and would love to share that experience with you!


Do you know what happens when someone paints their home who doesn’t know what they are doing? You probably are thinking first of the mistakes that could be made, but the thing that really becomes overwhelming is the amount of time it takes. While a professional painter, or painting crew, could be in and out in a day or two, when you are juggling work, kids, and general life, it can take much, much, longer. Remember, during all of this time your home will be inconvenienced, your rooms may be unable to be used, and your life will be disrupted. If you are working all day long, the last thing you want to do is come home to hours of more work. And remember, time is money, which brings us to our next point…


The main reason people choose to DIY their paint job is to save money, but the final cost can end up being surprising. After you factor in rollers, tape, brushes, tarps, and the paint you may end up paying much more than you thought. Plus, you may make mistakes in selecting the right primer, tools, or actual paint or paint colors and have to buy more to make it right. Countless trips to the hardware store for more paint, more tape, or another brush can cost time and money, and soon your costs have piled up even more. And let’s not forget about all of that time you are spending doing a job you don’t really know how to do—how much is your time worth? The cost of professional painters may seem like a lot up front, but might actually not be that much more than trying to DIY it. Save yourself time, stress, and money and hire the pros!


Along with money spent on supplies is the quality of those supplies. Professional painters know the best tools for the job, and get those great results with the best supplies. The right brushes, rollers, tape, and paint can make all the difference in the finished project. Investing in all of the same tools that the pros use can be too much of a commitment for many homeowners, but the right tools can make all the difference. When you hire professional painters you are getting not only their skill and experience, but all of their tools for the job as well!


Yes, painting can be dangerous! Maybe you’re chuckling to yourself thinking about someone injuring themselves with a brush, but consider painting your second or third story, with a full gallon of paint, on a ladder, leaning over and trying to paint a straight line. Or painting a vaulted ceiling precariously perched on scaffolding. Painting at heights can be dangerous, and takes a professional to know how to do it safely. Plus, working with certain paints and stains can require good ventilation and be dangerous to breathe in the fumes. A professional will know which paints require masks, how to keep paint off of the skin, hair, and eyes, and how to clean up different types of paint. Additionally, some houses can contain lead paint which is dangerous if it is inhaled or ingested. A professional can advise you on whether you should paint over your older lead paint, or if you need to call in a lead abatement company. Don’t mess around with your safety—call a professional painter today!

Clean Up

At the end of every paint job is a huge amount of clean up. After painting, the last thing you want to do is spend hours cleaning up, but that is just what a professional painter will do. Our painters will inspect the final job to make sure it is perfect, and clean up any tools, tape, or other by products of the painting project. Clean up is the final step in the painting process, and you will be glad if you leave it to the pros!

Have we convinced you yet? At Prairie State Painters in Springfield, IL., we specialize in interior and exterior house painting and would love to help you with your next project! If you are ready to make your home beautiful, and save time, stress, and maybe even some money, call us today!

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