We provide the following services:

  • Pressure Wash surface to remove dirt, mold and mildew.

  • Scrape any loose or peeling paint.

  • Sand & Prime any chipping or peeling paint.

  • Caulk all nail holes and cracks.

  • Wood Putty any holes, gaps or cracks in trim and siding boards.

  • Replace any warped or rotted boards.

  • Mask off all windows, doors, roof, etc..




Attention to Detail & Experienced- Quality Residential Painters

  • Furniture is moved to center of rooms and draped with plastic covering.

  • Floor is covered with paint-proof paper and drop cloths.

  • Switch covers and accessories are removed from areas being painted.

  • Walls & Trim are sanded and patched for any holes, cracks, etc..

  • Any chips or peeling paint on base is sanded and primed prior to painting.

Decks & Fences


We’re a preferred Painting & Staining Contractor:

  • Thorough power wash to clean the surface and open up the pores in the wood.

  • Areas that are oxidized (Black) are sanded or wire brushed where necessary.

  • After sanding, the area gets cleaned off again by power wash or wet towel.